Beach Day!

Beach Day!

 It's the height of summer, and with that can come the yearning for a 
family trip to the beach. Help make the trip a successful one with this free
printable activity sheet!  It's just one tool in the "toolbox of preparation"
that can help bring about a successful outing for those on the autism spectrum and/or those with 
sensory sensitivities.  

Here are a few items/ideas that may also help make the day a positive event for the whole family :

  • empty inflatable baby pool for a designated sand-free zone
  • shaded tent when a reprieve from the heat or too much noise/activity is needed 
  • some favorite toys/books/snacks to put in above mentioned tent
  • sunglasses/sunhat/sun shirt to help tolerate the bright sun/heat
  • gallon of water at the car to help wash off sand from feet/legs in a pain-free way (and also helps rid of the ocean water which may be too "smelly" for kids with heightened senses)
  • swim shoes in case your beach has a lot of gooey see-weed/shells/ocean life that may feel bothersome 
  • sunscreen a huge issue? try planning your trip in the early evening hours....heat intensity down, less crowded and sunscreen may be optional depending on what time you arrive.
  • pick a quiet spot on the beach away from the crowds but close enough to a lifeguard should any emergency come up 


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