Nope. Never. Not for Me! activity sheet

 What type of "Try"ceratops are you? 

Do you have a "Try"ceratops in your family that could use this chart? It's a fun way to introduce new foods 🥦🦕. Simply print out this chart and  follow the directions on the activity’s  super simple! And if you’d like to share your name , simply post an image to Instagram with #littlesensesbooks. I I cannot  wait to see what kinds of wonderful "Try"ceratops'  are out there! 

"Oh, broccoli. It's bumpy, it's lumpy, and looks just plain yucky. No way this little girl is eating it.  But when she and her mom add a little fun and exploration to the meal ( A touch! A sniff! A teeny-tiny taste! ), she discovers that trying something new may not be SO terrible after all. (Even if broccoli still is). Without giving too much away, let's just say this girl's mum taps into her love of dinosaurs to find a fun way of trying foods.  

This series was created with love for any kid who sometimes feels anxious or overwhelmed, but especially for kids who are on the autism spectrum and/or have sensory sensitivities.


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