Happy New Year!

This year is going to be a busy one indeed, and I couldn’t be happier that 2018 starts with the release of Jinx and the Doom Fight Crime, out in stores February 13th!  This particular book, written by the amazing Lisa Mantchev (Strictly No Elephants, Someday, Narwhal, Sister Day, …), visits two siblings who manage to turn the typical everyday into one of superhero power and magical teamwork.  I am particularly attached to this piece, as the 3rd grade sketches from my youngest (he’s 12 now) son’s art class adorn the entire case cover and jacket.  His drawings were perfect, and now we both have something tangible and permanent to remind us of his amazing doodles when he was little.

Stay tuned for some behind the scenes images and illustration sneak peaks as we countdown the month until Jinx and the Doom Fights Crime comes to a store near you!


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