Andy and I are  so excited to officially announce an exclusive giveaway that we been crafting up for our upcoming release of Once Upon a Slime!
                     For our amazing fans that pre-order Once Upon A Slime, we have a special giveaway! As a thank-you, when the book is released on July 3rd, 2018, we'll email you an exclusive printable PDF game that you and your kids can play RIGHT ON THE BOOK'S END PAPER! And for those of you who have already pre-ordered before this announcement, no need to worry! You too are eligible for this slime-filled adventure. This digital package includes game instructions, player pieces, cards, score sheets and even your own set of Once Upon a Slime dice to make family game night awesome! And there’s even a couple of trophies to celebrate a most gooey victory....
                     I'll admit, I got a bit addicted to working on this game, and love the fact that you can play directly on the book.  With two levels of game play, everyone should have a chance to dive into some sticky fun!

                                                                 How to enter: 
Click on the link on the left sidebar of this site or below this paragraph, fill in the form, and upload your proof of pre-order from the retailer you purchased the book from. You can do this by either submitting a screenshot of your order confirmation email, a photo of your order confirmation, or a pdf of your proof of purchase with any sensitive information crossed out ( for example, should you want to send a photo of an in-store receipt). 

                                              We cannot wait to see you in action!
                                                        Andy & Samantha


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