A new obsession....

I've created a monster. When first tinkering about with the potential art direction for Jinx and the Doom Fight Crime, written by Lisa Mantchev, I wanted to create some miniature furniture pieces and see how they would work alongside the characters in their upcoming scenes. I thought about my childhood obsession of watching the Paddington Bear series, and always loved how there was usually a 3-dimensional piece of furniture within the set of 2-d drawings. I always seem to migrate towards the "simple design" aesthetic, and thought a clean, minimal yet bold approach could work.

First was the couch.  I began by designing  a pattern I thought would compliment both Jinx and the Doom well.  A simple pattern that, while modern, reflected the vintage comic book vibe that also needed to be present in this superhero story.
                                                             I think my love of Orla Kiely can be seen here?  

Next came the pattern. After pouring through oodles of furniture templates online, I came across one that immediately generated a guttural "yes!!!!" the minute it flashed upon my screen.  A mid-century pattern from an old dollhouse book was quickly printed off, and soon began the endless tweaking and adjusting to make the design just right for this book. I took elements I liked from it and added some of my own design elements to make it fresh and new....basically make it "my own".

                                                                        Here's a snippet from the pattern.

 Finally, it was time to print and build. What started out as an "I'll just whip a little couch out by lunchtime" quickly became a week of constant "failures" until every measurement and design error was worked out. It's Funny how often it's the things you think will be just quick and easy to whip up become the ones that torment you the most ;).

                                                               Finished Couch

The pulling hair out moments were worth it in the end though, as this little couch is now one I wish was adult-sized and sitting in my own living room ;). This was the first of what has now become a mad obsession with miniature furniture. 

                                                    A little sneak peak of the couch in action ;)

Only 34 days, 13 hours, and 45 minutes until Jinx and the Doom hits store shelves everywhere!
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