Give the gift of Just Add Glitter!

        Need a little added sparkle for that special someone this coming holiday?
Grab a copy of Just Add Glitter and print out these adorable activities to give that present an extra “zing”!

A "Spin and Sparkle" thaumatrope is easy to whip up, and kids love spinning these round and round! For a mess free (but still glittery!) project, simply print these circles out as is and spin away....feeling a bit more adventurous? Add some glitter gel pens, or glue and sprinkle that glitter all over the place! It’s up to you :).

 You can also get the older ones involved in some detailed cutting and create this miniature bed replica from the book, which I redesigned to be home printer friendly on your standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper. (card stock works wonders for both projects). Try setting the bed within a shoe box and make your own diorama room to adorn with glitter.  Add some wallpaper, figures, toys dinosaurs....anything goes! You can literally fill an entire room with glitter without actually doing so in your house ;). Angela Diterlizzi and I would love to see what you create over this holiday season!  Hashtag #JustAddGlitter on Instagram and tag me with your creations...I'd love to feature your creative projects!

                                 Happiest of Holidays everyone!


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