Just Add Glitter Pre-Order Giveaway!

Just Add Glitter Pre-Launch Template Giveaway!
 As a thank you to all of those who have pre-ordered our book (there's still time!), 
I've created a printable template of this bed that was created exclusively for Just Add Glitter.
When the book is released on October 9th, I'll email you a pdf of this adorable bed, alongside 
some cut-out accessories to accent the bed. Then it's time to....Just Add Glitter! How much? It's
up to you! "Try a speck, a fleck, a sprinkle. See how things begin to twinkle" 
When you're done, Angela and I would love to see your glittery creations! Just share with the #justaddglitter

(and no worries if pre-ordering isn't an option...This template will be available to all at a later date) 
                                                                        How to enter: 
Email mummysam@gmail.com with your proof of pre-order from the retailer you purchased the book from. You can do this by either submitting a screenshot of your order confirmation email, a photo of your order confirmation, or a pdf of your proof of purchase with any sensitive information crossed out ( for example, should you want to send a photo of an in-store receipt). Templates will be sent out on Publication day of October 9th. (This offer ends on the 8th.)


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